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NorthSide Reaction

Stroke victims on the North side getting treatment faster

The signs and symptoms of stroke often appear quickly and unexpectedly, and it’s important to receive care as fast as possible — even a few minutes can mean the difference between brain death and recovery.

On the North side of Chicago, residents can rest a little easier knowing that if they or a loved one has a stroke, they will likely arrive at a certified Primary Stroke Center faster than ever before.

This change has little to do with the speed of traffic or the ambulance; rather, it springs from the recent designation of Swedish Covenant Hospital as a Primary Stroke Center.

State stroke care protocols require paramedics to transport acute stroke patients to hospitals which have proven to provide the most comprehensive stroke care possible — and with this new designation, Swedish Covenant Hospital has joined those ranks.

The stroke certification from the Health Care Facilities Accreditation Program (HFAP) means Swedish Covenant Hospital has met more than 40 standards related to stroke diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, patient and community education and follow up.

The timing of this certification couldn’t be better, as May is annually set aside as National Stroke Awareness Month — an opportunity for all people to become more educated about the signs of stroke and ways they can reduce their risk factors. These education efforts and the changes in legislation have the same goal: to provide faster care to stroke victims to help save their lives.

To learn more about the signs of stroke and ways to reduce your risk, click here. To learn more about the state of Illinois’ stroke care system, click here.


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