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Oops, my 2-year old kicked me in the jaw!

My husband and I don't let our daughter sleep in our bed - except for maybe a few minutes on a weekend morning. I've always thought this was a good practice and safe habit to maintain. Well, a couple weeks ago, I learned of another reason to keep Molly in her own bed at night: a swift kick to the jaw doesn't feel good.

Let me explain - I was out of town visiting my brother and his fiancee in Indianapolis, and I decided it was ok for Molly to sleep in the double bed with me. Well, it may have been safe for her, but it was definitely not safe for me. She was all over the place - twisting, kicking, turning...I didn't get much sleep those two nights and on Sunday woke up to intense pain on the left side of my jaw. I can only assume that one of Molly's unconscious flailings resulted in direct contact between her leg (or arm or elbow or head) and my jaw. That's a big darn.

The pain eventually subsided, but a clicking sound remained. Fearing that the condition could become chronic, I spoke with my doctor and was referred to Rehabilitation Services at Swedish Covenant Hospital. Physical therapist Nora Sullivan saw me and took a bunch of measurements of my jaw and range of motion. Who knew a physical therapist could deal with this type of condition?

Well - long story's now been a couple weeks, and after doing the exercises that Nora gave me I'm pleased to report that my jaw is back to normal. Yay, I won't hold a grudge for Molly. What's next?

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