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Get involved and give back to your neighborhood

By Angela Fornelli
Managing Editor

Chicago is known as the City of the Big Shoulders for many reasons, not the least of which is our willingness to get involved in various community organizations and grass roots causes.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to give back to your neighborhood, there is a wide array of organizations to choose from on the North Side. Here are just a few.

Albany Park Neighborhood Council (APNC)
3334 W. Lawrence Avenue, 3rd floor
(773) 583-1387

The Albany Park Neighborhood Council (APNC) is committed to expanding the rights of immigrants and rewarding the hard work and contributions families have made in building the community. More than 1,000 residents have participated in APNC’s Immigrant Rights

Project, building a movement to have their voices heard. This project was the catalyst to first bring together local churches, a local mosque, immigrant aid associations and an immigrant services center. Together, these institutions have hosted immigration workshops, providing

free legal services and educating more than a dozen elected officials on the need to expand immigrant rights.

Beyond Today
P.O. Box 25988
(773) 588-8785

Beyond Today is a neighborhood environmental and social justice group near the Chicago River at Montrose Avenue and the surrounding neighborhoods. A diverse, grassroots organization, started by members of the Riverbank Neighbors in January 2003, the group’s main volunteers and leaders have risen from community events to clean up the river and establish organic and native gardens within the neighborhood. Whether you’re young or old, renter or homeowner, hardcore environmentalist or just don’t like to see resources wasted, Beyond Today is meant to be useful to you. The group also supports efforts to stop the war and works on broader environmental and social justice issues.

Misericordia Heart of Mercy
6300 N. Ridge Avenue
(773) 973-6300

Misericordia Heart of Mercy supports individuals with developmental disabilities in maximizing their level of independence and self-determination in an environment fostering spirituality, dignity, respect and enhanced quality of life. The organization promotes the development of natural family and community supports, community awareness, education and advocacy. Misericordia is a network of quality care, consisting of two campuses that embrace more than 550 children and adults challenged by mental and physical disabilities. 

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